• Imperial Limousine
  • Imperial Limousine
  • Imperial Limousine
  • Imperial Limousine

Although evoking memories of a by gone era this vehicle boasts an up-to-date automatic gearbox, power assisted steering and a 2.7 litre diesel engine, making it a reliable and a very capable mode of transport for the modern age, coping well with the rigours of present-day driving. The detailing of the glass surrounding the expansive deck area and the twin doors add authenticity to this extremely well equipped and functional hearse.

Car Details

Year 1991-1997 The Imperial Limousine is built upon the chassis of a London Taxi, parts being very reasonable and easily accessible.
Engine 2.7 Nissan Diesel, powering the vehicle to a good cruising speed to keep up with modern day traffic. This vehicle is economical, reliable and low maintenance.
Gear Box Three speed automatic with overdrive.
Tyres 16 x 600 white or black walls.
Turning Circle The Limousine manoeuvres easily in confined spaces.
Seating The car will seat up to 7 people
Power Steering
Wind down windows
Central Heating
Front window demisters

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